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Working together to change the world through STEM education.


Consultation, Coaching, and Mentoring
Instructional Design
Program Evaluation

Our Work



We design workshops to help educators understand the nature of science through the use of authentic investigations that teachers can incorporate directly into their classrooms. Our workshops leverage the collective expertise of our participants in a way that brings meaningful conversations on how the processes of STEM can help develop deeper student understandings of how the natural world works.



Curated content

We provide guidelines and rubrics to help people assess the viability of the information available on the Internet. Our resources are vetted and curated by our team of experts to ensure that it is reliable, trustworthy, and relevant to your STEM education needs.


Research & Evaluation

We believe that programmatic implementation goes hand-in-hand with research.Paragon’s work is grounded within current educational research and theory. As experts in learning, professional development, and education policy, Paragon designs and evaluates STEM-education programs. As evaluators, we act as critical partners to help strengthen and improve programs involved in STEM from start to finish. We offer a unique approach to evaluation by providing periodic assessment, feedback, and suggestions throughout program implementation.